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Individual differences…are boys more resilient?

A Crisis Point Therapist’s perspectivemale-sexual-violence-victims-crisis-point

Many men who had traumatic sexual experiences as boys struggle with disrupted relationships and careers as well as physical and mental health issues including depression, substance abuse, and self-destructive or violent behaviours. These men often seek (or are referred into) treatment for a range of health and behavioural issues without disclosing – or even recognising – the role that their negative childhood experiences play in their current problems.

Earlier identification of this common underlying source of suffering, paired with more effective interventions, can prevent many negative emotional, social and physical outcomes. This early identification increases the better outcomes for boys and men.

General socialised expectations about manhood influence professional care pathways, therapists and other professionals sometimes do not recognise tcrisis_point_male_victims_survivors_sexual_abuse_courtesy_of_abysshe connections between traumatic boyhood experiences and adult problems, or adequately consider them during assessment or treatment.


Improving awareness of the many potential impacts of traumatic childhood sexual experiences on men’s mental and physical health is therefore essential to improving life chances for men and boys and their journey from boyhood into manhood.

If you are a male victim of rape or sexual assault, we can help.



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