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What is an ISVA?

The Independent Sexual Violence Advisor role was commissioned by Baroness Scotland through the Home Office Violent Crime Unit in 2005.

The Home Office granted funds in 2006 to certain organisations nationwide, specialising in care for victims of sexual crime, to help in the support of these individuals.

Crisis Point, as one of these organisations, were able to provide an ISVA for our client base and future service users and will continued to provide Home Office funded ISVA Services until 2015.

What does an ISVA do?

ISVA’s are trained to look after your needs, their job is to make sure you gain the best care and understanding as possible.

If you decide to receive support, an appointment schedule is organised between you and your ISVA, this will be by telephone or face to face, based upon your needs and circumstances.

Your ISVA will help you understand how the criminal justice process works, things like reporting to the police and court appearances, and the importance of forensic DNA retrieval.

Your ISVA will provide a safe warm, environment in which you can express your feelings.

Your ISVA will be non-judgemental and empathetic.

The sessions are conducted with an awareness of your needs in mind, and you will be able to make your own choices about change.

Continual contact


It can be difficult during these stressful times, so if you have a partner, the ISVA can help you both understand how rape affects not just the victim but partner/family members too.

You will be given a telephone number to contact your ISVA, this is so that you have the support you need, the ISVA only works during office hours.

After this time, you can leave a message on the answer service or email the ISVA

The ISVA can at any time, gain information for you regarding your case, this is done via a case tracking system that Crisis Point and the West Midlands Police have put in place to give you up to date information.

Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) can help you, your family or partner.

Our ISVA can give support and advice when you need it most:

For more information, take a look at our ISVA service leaflet outlining the support and contact information.