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Meet Red, our soft German Shepherd and our best friend. He is a super confident, relaxed intelligent young man, he is a very calm and good natured dog.

Red is 3 and a half years old, (he will be 4 years old in September 2017) and works as a therapy dog with us here at Crisis Point.  He supports children who have experienced sexual abuse and have internalised their trauma. He has helped a large number of children open up about their ordeal, and ultimately move forward with their lives.

Sadly, Red has Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) in his knees. To correct this, total knee replacements are required by the end of September 2017, combined with post-op care the estimated cost is £15,000. Without this surgery, Red will have to be out to sleep. He is a security blanket and without him, this level of comfort and unique service will end as his condition will deteriorate and will have to be put to sleep.

The bond between people and dogs is very special, and the memories shared with Red will always hold a place in our hearts.

He is there through highs and lows, and never fails to put a smile on children’s faces.

Red is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover; his large build fools no one, as his gentle interior shines through and touches all who meet him. His commitment to duty is faultless, he always carries a smile, regardless of the pain he suffers.

With your generosity, we wish to simply give him the quality of life he deserves, as he has enriched the lives of many children, in more ways than words could possibly say.


If you wish to donate


Make a donation to Crisis Point by BACS or Direct Credit into the charity’s bank account


Account Name:          Crisis Point Reg Charity No 1105369

Sort Code:                    20 – 90 – 08

Account No:               80587354

Bank Name:               Barclays Bank PLC


SWIFTBIC                BARCGB22

IBAN                           GB17 BARC 2090 0880 5873 54


Helping us to allocate your donation correctly

If you are making a donation to Crisis Point, please include a reference, so we can allocate your donation correctly.

For example, to donate to save Red please enter your donation reference as the title of the campaign, e.g.,  ‘PleaseSaveRed’.



Alternativelyred collage

You can also donate or fundraise via Red’s JustGiving campaign. Please click on the link: 

We are extremely grateful for any donation we receive. Thank you for your generosity.