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Welcome to Crisis Point Rape Counselling & Support

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Independent Sexual Violence Advisor & Crisis Advocacy Service

The charity delivers specialist rape counselling and support services.

We offer these services to women and girls, men and boys, from age 3 onwards.

We provide different services that are tailored to meet each individuals’ needs. These services are:

  • Crisis Support & Advocacy

  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisor

  • Psychotherapeutic counselling

We can also offer private counselling and therapy for a range of issues. Contact us for more information here

Specialist Counselling for Rape & Sexual Abuse Trauma

Our Confidential Rape Counselling & Support Services

Our confidential and sensitive services are available to women & girls (3 – 18 yrs old), men & boys (3 – 18 yrs old)

All of our services are offered regardless of whether they have reported their rape or sexual abuse to the authorities or not.

Contact us if you want further information on our confidential services.

Crisis Point – a reason why

Sexual violence is one of the most extreme life changing events that any person encounters. Typically, it creates severe psychological trauma and associated health and sociological impact.

Therefore, an established psychotherapeutic approach, in conjunction with a supportive work environment, can together provide a reliable move. A move from severe psychological trauma to a sustainable state. Such a move where the trauma has minimal or no effect on the ability for the adult, child or young person to live their life.

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