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Crisis Point – a reason why

Sexual violence is one of the most extreme life changing events that any person encounters. Typically, it creates severe psychological trauma and associated health and sociological impact.

Therefore, an established psychotherapeutic approach, in conjunction with a supportive work environment, can together provide a reliable move. A move from severe psychological trauma to a sustainable state. Such a move where the trauma has minimal or no effect on the ability for the adult, child or young person to live their life.

Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

Crisis Point is a registered CIO. Click here for full details on UK Charity Commission website.


The charity was founded in early 2000. It has been working with victims of sexual crime since then, delivering specialist support and counselling for 19 years. Crisis Point became a registered charity and company in 2004, and converted to a charitable incorporated organisation in April 2019.

Crisis Point is based in Walsall with outreach services across the region.

Pioneering fast track STI screening services

In 2003, Crisis Point pioneered the fast track STI screening system that now sits as best practice and guidance for developing new, and existing SARCs.

Developing new services in the West Midlands

In 2004, Crisis Point founded the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Walsall. Developing a partnership with West Midlands Police and NHS/PCT Walsall to provide SARC services. Crisis Point was the managing agency for a number of years. Delivering on call and on site crisis workers, ISVA support, and therapeutic counselling.

In 2005, a clinical counselling centre was founded in Walsall by Crisis Point to provide bespoke psychotherapeutic counselling for victims of sexual crime.

Crisis Point services and clinical premises continue to be available to all across the West Midlands.

Mission Statement

We firstly identify & provide effective specialist interventions for all victims of sexual crimes & secondly, family members, suffering trauma of sexual violence/abuse, through the provision of short & long term therapy & practical support & guidance for all genders aged 3 upward. Recognising the unique personal experiences, that demand an equally unique & individual response in specialised care.

Charitable Objects

The two main objects in the charity’s Articles and Memorandum of Association are:

a)    To relieve the sickness and distress of victims of sexual assault and their families, in particular through the provision of counselling, advice and support; and

b)    To advance the education of the public in sexual assault and in the effects on the victim and their families.

Additional Information

Crisis Point is committed to delivering best practice for victims of sexual crime and the trauma that occurs from rape or sexual abuse.

The charity actively promotes the involvement of volunteers & ex-service users in delivering its service to all.

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