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Counselling can help


I am pleased you decided to find out more about how some-one can help you.

Even if you feel this is not the right time for you disclose your abuse or attack, by reading more you may find the strength to come forward and gain help.

When someone inflicts this crime on you, no matter how old you are, the world and your life in it, changes.

Only you know exactly how you feel, how lonely you become in the grief and trauma of this crime.

To talk about it can become a struggle, very hard, if not impossible. When you do talk about it and you hear those words – “I know how you feel” – it may make you angry, no one can know how you feel as it is unique to you.

But, people who are trained to help you, will understand your feelings, will not judge you and will give you the time to express your anger, despair and pain.

Counselling and support can help

Many people feel to speak out or admit they need help means they are weak…Not True.

To actually say “I want to talk, I need help” is probably the most frightening yet strongest action you could do. By visiting this site, you have made the first step in your journey to start dealing with these emotions.

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Can I assure you, we are here to help you, no other reason. We are not here to compel you to report this crime, even though we will help you to report the crime to the police, if you wish.

Our aim is to help you deal with your emotions, to help you move on in a safe, healthy way to a live a full and happy life, with specialised, professional and clinically proven methods.

We can not take away what has happened to you, nor can we wipe away your experiences. But we can help you come to terms with them.

By understanding what happened to you, as well as looking at every aspect of the trauma, our trained therapists can work with you, helping you to move forward.

Confidential and relaxed

It is a confidential service, we work with you, guided by you, with you in control the whole way.

Therapy gives you freedom to explore your emotions, gaining many answers to questions that have probably been circulating around in your mind for some time.

When you feel ready please call us, a trained member of staff will help you in any way they can. You do not have to suffer this alone any more.

Counselling, is is right for you?

You may have been to a therapist before, it may have not been the right time for you, or the right kind of therapy. In either case don’t let that put you off from moving forward.

As an example, not all doctors or solicitors are the same, this also applies with therapy or therapists.

If you have not found the right therapy or therapist, don’t give up, find one that is right for you. One that you feel comfortable with, that you feel is working with you.

Visit our frequently asked questions page on counselling for some further help

If you have read my own history, you may have realised that sometimes it can take a long time before someone can accept that they may need help.

Having dealt with my own rape and child abuse, I now focus these experiences on helping others, the experiences will never leave my memory, but become part of me—who I am.

Positives of counselling

Changing these negative emotions into positive emotions is part of the therapeutic process, it enables you to grow and develop your life, living with the present and future, whilst being able to deal with your past in a constructive manner.

If you decide to carry on reading through this website, think about how you could feel if you were able to be released from your own emotional and psychological trauma.

Ask yourself the question….. “How would I feel?”

The service list page details the  services offered by Crisis Point.

You can become a victim of sexual crime in different ways:

  1. Your partner, family member or a friend forces a sexual act on you, without your consent
  2. An acquaintance or someone unknown to you forces a sexual act on you, without your consent.

To find more information on the definition of rape, consent, and different kids of rape, take a look at ‘your questions answered‘.

If you need further information or guidance contact us.


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