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face-in-handRape can happen to anyone, anywhere

Sarah is out for a Friday night to meet up with old friends in the centre of town. They end up in a night club.

Sarah becomes isolated at around 1 in the morning and can’t be bothered to wait in the queue for a taxi.

She starts to walk home. On her way home a man she knows and recognizes from the club, pulls up to her in his car and offers her a lift, Sarah accepts.

She has probably drunk one too many vodkas, because she does not realize that she is being driven away from her route home, to a secluded area out of town.

Sarah becomes frightened when this man starts to touch her.

She starts to cry and begs,  “Please don’t”

The man gets angry and hits her.

Sarah is so frightened, she is unable to scream, she is so frightened,  she is unable to move.

The man rapes her.

He threatens her not to tell anyone, he drives away leaving her alone.

Sarah walks away, crying, ashamed, frightened and confused.

Do you know who Sarah is?

Sarah is your daughter. Sarah is your sister. She is your friend. She is someone you know.

Sarah could be you.


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