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The following services and information are provided by Crisis Point:

Funded Front Line Services

  • Counselling in either short (12 weeks) or open ended (30 months) sessions
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), Crisis Advocacy Information, Advice & Guidance
  • VEV – Visual Evidence for Victims registered member agency

For more information, use the leaflet download buttons below. Or click here for counselling service or click here for ISVA service

Spoken and written translation services can be accessed, subject to availability and funding


Additional Specialist Services for Practitioners & Professionals



Corporate Counselling Packages

Private Therapeutic Counselling for Staff Members

Private Counselling for Individuals

  • Counselling available for individuals who wish private 1:1 counselling in either short (6 weeks) or open ended (long term) sessions
  • Contact our clinical practice to discuss your options
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