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For Children and Young People under 18

Trigger Warning:

Content on this page contains text and videos which may remind you of a bad memory or cause you to feel upset. Adult guidance may be needed if this happens.

Feelings after being abused

Children and young adults may feel upset in many emotional and physical ways, for example:

  • Having bad dreams or nightmares
  • Imagining that everyone knows what has happened
  • Feeling ugly or dirty
  • Having problems concentrating
  • Trying or wanting to hurt yourself
  • Feeling like running away
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Thinking it is your fault

sad child looks thru window

Services at Crisis Point


Counselling for children and young people at Crisis Point can be delivered through different ways, to help children and young people understand how and why they are feeling the way they do. These are:

  • face to face talking
  • art and craft
  • music and relaxation

child in counselling









Information, help and support

We can offer children and young people information, advice and guidance on what to do next. This help is given to meet your needs. Things like telling the police, a parent or carer, or a family member.

If you are looking for support or guidance on what to do next, please click the ISVA button for more help.


Please consider speaking to our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor & Crisis and Advocacy Service for more help.

If you, or anyone you know, has been affected by these issues please contact us. We are here to help, don’t suffer alone!

Age Appropriate Content

There are many different online resources to find out more information on sexual violence. The most useful is found at Child Exploitation & Online Protection Command or CEOP for short. CEOP is part of the UK government approach to deal with sexual crime.

We have selected a variety of videos that you may want to watch in order to gain a better understanding of sexual abuse. They listed in age order starting with videos for Under 5’s. To help provide the appropriate information for children and young people and their parents/carers.

They highlight different forms of sexual abuse and raise awareness of danger signs whilst also providing information on the different support services out there for children & young people.


Under 5’s information for the underwear rule.


5-7 year olds.


8-10 year olds, CSE online.


4-15 year olds, child sexual abuse.


8-15 year olds (girls).


10-16 year olds.


11-15 year olds, abusive relationships.

11-16 year olds.


11-18 year olds.


11-18 year olds.

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