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Why treat rape trauma?

If the trauma causing the symptoms, is not treated, they can worsen and develop into the following patterns and problems:

  • Distressing memories or dreams
  • Loss of interest in what were meaningful activitiescrisis_point_sexual_abuse_courtesy_of_shebaisthemuse
  • Lack of emotion, numbness, apathy
  • Increased anger feelings
  • Increased health problems
  • Feelings of detachment or separation from others and self
  • Restricted range of emotions, such as inability to receive or express loving feelings

The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and rape can include many emotional, psychological and physical conditions. The experience of sexual assault or abuse at any age and whether male or female can have devastating effects on every aspect of a person’s being and life – on their mind, their body, their behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

Deciding on getting treatment

For many rape victims, it’s easy to put off getting treatment because the memory of the event is so painful or so feared that it seems best to avoid it.

Some people even deny that the event occurred, or that it bothered them.

Unfortunately, evidence and clinical experience show that memories of traumatic events do not just fade away like other more trivial memories.

Traumatic memories stay with you until they are resolved in dreams or in therapy.

When dreams are recurrent and interrupted by sleeplessness, they can not serve the function of resolving the traumatic issues or memories

Putting off dealing with traumatic memories just makes the personal work you’ll have to do in therapy, more complicated and lengthy.

For more details on getting treatment see our Seeking Treatment page.

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