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Involving the Police

Staying with you while you make your statement, the ISVA can give you support during your statement to police. If this is what you want.

The police in the West Midlands work the ISVA service provided by Crisis Point. As well as other ISVA’s in other agencies within the West Midlands Police Authority area. Other ISVAs work with other police authorities across England and Wales.

In achieving best evidence, support plays a major part in preventing poor evidential issues or victim withdrawals.

Making a statement

During your statement you may wish to have someone with you that is not a member of your family or friends. It can be hard to disclose information in front of family members, as we don’t always want them to know all the details.

This is why the ISVA can stay with you. She cannot discuss the assault with you, but she can make sure you are ok with the proceedings. The ISVA can make sure that you understand what is happening.

The choice is yours, no one is allowed to pressurise you into any situation that you do not feel comfortable with.

What ever you decide the ISVA will follow your decision and work with your best interest in mind.


The ISVA can, if you wish following the police statement, ask the police for an update on the investigation at any stage.

This is called case-tracking, and this process allows you to gain information on your case. For example, questions like has the perpetrator been arrested? Or has the CPS accepted the files for court proceedings?

Remember – the ISVA can support you and offer guidance within and around the criminal justice system. The ISVA will give information on your rights as a victim during the criminal justice system working process.

If you wish to report the assault contact your nearest:

Further Informationpolice

Across the U.K police forces. are now more aware of how much sexual crime can affect the victim and their partners or families.

Police forces nationwide, have a duty to respect your wishes when you are reporting sexual crime.

U.K. police forces have trained officers in sexual crime investigation and victim care when taking statements and taking evidence of the crime.

There have been many changes in the investigation of sexual crime. Across the country there are places called Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC’s).

These centres have been constructed to allow you the privacy of reporting the crime away from the police station.

Many centres offer you a shower after your forensic examination. They can also offer clean clothes should you have to leave your clothes as evidence.

The ISVA or Support Worker linked to the centre in your area can be available to you if you wish. This can be during the day or night according to the support service offered in your area.

This support helps you understand the procedures at each centre.

Remember, it is you that is the most important person within the investigation

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