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Help with other services or agencies

crisis_point_ISVA_support_courtesy_of_pinterestThe ISVA can assist you in getting help from other services where you may not have the strength or confidence to contact another service.

Social Services

The ISVA can contact the Social Services directly, getting the appropriate help to you as fast as possible. The Social Services will be made aware of your circumstances and will deal with any of your additional worries reported to them by the ISVA.


CAFCASS (Children And Family Court Advisory Support Service)crisis-point-isva-cafcass-courtesy-of-gov

CAFCASS can help when you need an intermediary during legal proceedings, for example, in cases of child visitation agreements. The ISVA can help you access this service.


G.Ps and Dentists

The ISVA can arrange for emergency appointments for you with these services. The ISVA will make these services aware of your circumstances, so that each professional will treat you with respect, dignity and care.


Housing and Education

The ISVA can help in providing emergency or temporary accommodation for you, your partner and children if you need it.

The ISVA can help in housing and school relocation to a different local authority or council, if you are having difficulties in your own area following the sexual assault.


Referrals to Victim Support & other agencies

The ISVA can contact other agencies that may be able to help you.

The ISVA will discuss other help available to you, should you need it.crisis-point-isva-cica-courtesy-of-gov

The ISVA will contact Victim Support if you wish, Victim Support can offer you help in filling in forms to claim financial compensation from the government for your assault, called Criminal Injuries Compensation Awards (CICA).


General Information

All agencies that become involved with you, have a duty of care to provide the best possible service.

With the ISVA’s help, you will find that many agencies will become more responsive to your needs.

The continued contact offered by the ISVA allows you to benefit from a professional working partnership designed and constructed with your needs in mind.

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