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STI Screening—What is it?

Following any sexual assault you may have been infected with one or more Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or you have become pregnant.

STI, pregnancy screening and emergency contraception can be accessed quickly. Crisis Point has a 24 hr fast-track referral system in place, based with local hospitals in the area.

The infections can be treated at the local Genito-Urinary Medicine clinic (GUM clinic). Any possible pregnancy from the assault can also be discussed at the clinic.


STI clinic

Click the WiSH image or link for more information on a typical STI service ‘Walsall Integrated Sexual Health (WiSH)


Help is available

The ISVA will arrange any sexually transmitted infection screening for you, this can only take place after seven days from the assault.

No infections can be detected before this time, the support worker or ISVA will attend with you, if you wish.

The importance of screening is very high, many infections can develop into serious long term ill-health, causing infertility or death.

Your local G.U.M. clinic offer specialised treatment strategies for people who are infected with the HIV virus or Hepatitis C.

We can help you understand the risks and long-term programmes available, if you have contracted serious infections such as HIV or Hepatitis C.

Comments from others

..Getting help quickly can prevent serious threats from curable diseases and offer peace of mind..” Steve, 24, Crisis Point client

..The staff at the clinic were great, they seemed to be completely aware of how I felt and told me what each process was about and how they could help..” Dianne, 38, Crisis Point client

For your information

The deliberate spread of the AIDS / HIV virus can lead to legal action against the untreated individual.

Following any sexual contact, if you are experiencing any symptoms such as:STI infographic

  • Itching
  • Pain while urinating
  • Strong smelling, thin or watery yellow or green from the genitals
  • Irritation or discharge from anus
  • Low abdominal or pelvic tenderness
  • Inflammation of the Testes and Prostate Gland
  • Bleeding in between usual menstrual period
  • Flu-like symptoms


Emergency contraception, do you know how it works?

STI emergency contraceptionAvailable from your GP, G.U.M. or Family Planning Centre, or NHS Walk-In Centre

Considered to be most effective when administered within 12 hours of intercourse

Contact your local health centre or GP for more information





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