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Psychotherapy & Counselling

Crisis Point specialises in approaches that can help you deal with and overcome the emotional pain arising from trauma.

Psychotherapy/Counselling and You

We can help you move forward, into a well adjusted and productive lifestyle. Crisis Point operates a safe managed way of working that helps you understand the issues that may have affected your life and caused pain or stress.crisis_point_therapy_sexual_abuse_courtesy_of_antiparrot

Crisis Point’ s psychotherapists & counsellors are trained to help.

On accessing our service, you will be offered an assessment counselling session. This session helps you and the therapeutic counsellor decide the best course of therapy to adopt. It also serves as an introduction for you on what services the charity has to offer you and whether you feel ready to enter into therapy. Once you have decided to receive therapy, a weekly appointment schedule is organised with a trained therapeutic counsellor. You will visit the centre each week to work in 50-minute sessions on the issues that are causing you emotional and psychological difficulty.

In time, with our help, you will be able to look at your experiences as part of you—who you are and how you act. No one can change your past, your past is part of you, therapy will help you turn the negative feelings and emotions into positive feelings and emotions. As you progress through your therapy, you may find hidden inner strengths and qualities within yourself that you have always had but did not acknowledge.

You hold the key that unlocks the door to your own undiscovered potential.

What could you gain from counselling?

  • You will be able to talk to someone in complete confidentiality
  • You will not be judged on how or why you became a victim
  • You may gain the inner strength to rebuild your life
  • Your relationships with others may change in a positive way
  • You will no longer be a victim but a survivor, able to deal with your past in your present
  • You could help others gain strength on their own personal journey.

Further Information..

Take a look at our counselling information leaflet, detailing our services and contact information. If you require more knowledge on psychotherapy and counselling, check out our ‘what is psychotherapy?‘ page and our psychotherapy and psychoanalysis page. If you have any further questions about the psychotherapy and counselling procedure within Crisis Point, take a look at our counselling FAQs page.

Do you want some counselling for something else other than rape or sexual assault?

Crisis Point offers a general counselling surgery for people who wish general counselling, this is not a free service, there is a charge for general counselling.

If you want to discuss this, contact our clinical team using the contact page to discuss your options

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